Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Those "Mom of the Year" moments

Everyone has “Mom of the year” moments. We don’t like to admit it but we do. You know the ones I’m talking about. They are the ones that leave you looking & feeling extremely stupid. Usually in front of a crowd of people. This kind of stuff almost never happens when you are alone. They just wouldn’t be as effective then!

This proud moment happened to me yesterday. I was across the street chatting with the neighbor in her yard when I noticed someone walking a dog. It was a Yellow Lab & since I have one I always notice those. I could hear the dog breathing hard & it was pulling on the leash. I kept talking my friend & ignored the dog until it pulled its person into the yard where we were. The dog was very friendly & it looked like it needed to go on a diet. Or at the very least more walks. The dogs walker then asked if we knew who this dog belonged to. I took a closer look at the dog & said,”Crap, that’s my dog!” Yes it was Bailey the Wonder Dog. It was a proud moment for me because I didn’t even know she was gone.

Now lets flashback to earlier in the day. Around noon I let the dog out. Then I forgot about her. She usually does her thing & then barks when she wants in. I was busy with the Princess & I also had a spare kid. I forgot all about the dog. I’m such a good Mom! A few hours later I went outside to the garbage can & noticed my gate was wide open. A brief thought crossed my mind. I wonder if the dog got out? I should look. I just figured that she would be passed out on the couch downstairs. It’s one of her favorite activities along with eating anything & everything she can reach. I think she is really a guy in disguise.

As we all know Mom’s are very busy people & by the time I got back in the house the phone had rung & I forgot to look for the dog. Return to real time & there I am feeling very stupid in front of a girl I don't know & my neighbor. My neighbor thought this was very funny. I think she is still laughing.

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