Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Mom, we're out of soap!

This morning I step into the shower only to discover there is a dime size piece of soap in there. I of course am already wet at this point. I step out of the shower to grab another bar. I can't find any. It sure would of been nice if my family would of shared the fact that they were putting the last bar of soap in the shower. I could of avoided this whole dripping all over the floor thing. I step back in the shower & the Mom in me thinks that I can do this. After all I am "Super Mom"! Of course I can shower with a tiny piece of soap. As I pick it up it slides out of my fingers & I watch as it goes down the drain. Crap! What can I use now? There is no soap. Oooh there is shampoo, I can use that. So I shower AND wash myself with shampoo. I thought only guys did that. All day long I felt bouncy & shiny. I wonder if anyone noticed?


Valerie said...

same thing happens at my casa...and i don't even have kids. i swear the Husband thinks that the grooming fairies replace the toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner and soap like magic!

Annette said...

Oh, so you have the same gene defect at your house!! I thought it was just up here in Canada. Aarrgh! I get so sick of going to get something and it's gone and NO ONE thought to mention it or write it on the shopping list. And how many times do I have to ask sweetly (okay, maybe not so sweetly after the first time) to leave the paper towel that is on the low shelf in the laundry room for the short person and to get their own roll for the car-shop-garage-bedroom from the high shelf? Nothing like getting a roll down (climbing up on the washer to do so, not so easy now that I am old), using one sheet and finding the roll gone next. Again, and again, and again. And most of them can just reach up and grab a new roll for themselves!

Thanks for listening.