Wednesday, September 26, 2007

$50.00 later

Why is it that when ever I go into Walmart I feel the need to spend $50.00? We just got a new HUGE Walmart a few months ago & it's great. We always had to go to the next town to go to Walmart before. We were all thinking how great it was going to be having one right in our own town! That is until we all started to shop there. Don't get me wrong. I really like having a Walmart in town. Until it showed up we were not able to buy a spool of thread or any craft type items that your kid needed for school(the next day of course)in town. We had to travel at least 20 minutes to do it. Now 20 minutes does not sound like a long time to those of you without kids. 20 minutes is not long at all. But when your child announces at 8:00 at night that he needs to take a wooden embroidery hoop to school tomorrow for art, 20 minutes is a long time. At least now it is only 5 minutes away AND it's open 24 hours. A real bonus for those extra special times when your kid gets out of bed at 10:00 to tell you about the Fuzzy Pipe Cleaners & Poster Board that he HAS to take tomorrow.

Today I went to Walmart for Pepsi & soap. $53.43 later I left the store. There is a force in that store that makes you buy stuff that you had no intention of buying. First I went to get the soap. On the way I noticed toothbrushes on sale. Grabbed a few of those. Then I remembered I just put the last bottle of shampoo in the shower. Got shampoo. And so it goes. By the time I actually get to the Pepsi isle the bottom of my cart is full. The Princess spotted the Lunchables so I get her one. It's not bad if you only have to buy 1 Lunchable. It's when you have to buy 4 or 5 at a time that they get pricey! As I work my way to the checkout more things seem to jump in my cart. I hate it when that happens. It's like shopping with Pookie. When I shop with him I find all kinds of stuff when unloading the cart. It's usually something sweet. Dots or something equally nutritious. And he has no idea how any of it got into the cart either.

With all the money that I have spent in Walmart I think they should name a wing after me.


Cinnamin said...

Still laughing at your $50.00 WalMart requirement! I'm lucky to leave there anywhere close to $50...All I have to say is "I'm going to run to the store" and my (non AD) hubby will start with a list of things that up until that moment in time he could very well do without, but now MUST have if I am to take one step inside the door of any store! :)

Here’s to Happy Shopping ~ From one run-ragged mom to another!

Twice Blessed said...

Such a cute blog! You made me smile..and remember!

houseofdanes said...

Oh i have you beat there.. i can't leave walmart without at least spending 100.00 and usually i go in for a "few" things... Target is even worse.. I can honestly say it's been 3 months since I was there and that trip cost me over 700.00.. i bought a dyson vacuum cleaner.. with three great danes there lots to vacuum up after... nice blog i enjoyed reading it.

the don said...

It is nice to see that you have found a thearpy that you can do while brushing your teeth or holding the kid down or even just petting the dog and it comes cheap like my brother used to be and now only is with his wife. Take care of Mom.