Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Cast of Characters

I have always wanted to have a blog so today(while I am supposed to be cleaning) I decided to start one.
Today is the first day of school. Yea! I did the Happy Dance as soon as I was sure they couldn't see me. I don't think I was the only one doing the Happy Dance. I thought I saw one of my neighbors dance by her window. I have big plans today. I am going to clean house. We have had a lot going on in the past 3 weeks. My FIL had to be hospitalized so lots of time was spent in the hospital visiting him & keeping Mom company. My house suffered because of it. I'm glad I was able to spend as much time in the hospital with him as I did, but no one took up the slack here at the house. Of course I did not leave COMPLETE instructions(I mean directions) for my 4 kids. So it's my fault. My kids are 18,15,13 & 3. Yes I know the last one was a surprise. We love her dearly but she was the biggest shock of my lifetime!
Now in my dreams my wonderful kids cleaned the house & made dinner all while lovingly watching over their baby sister. Ha! Like that happened. This is what really happened.
Cast of Characters:
Smitty-18 years old
He likes to work on cars & get really messy & greasy. Then he cleans up in his bathroom leaving all of the grease all over the sink. He will tell you that he can put in the new motor or whatever it is & it will only take 5 minutes. His idea & my idea of 5 minutes are not the same. Mine is actually 5 minutes & his is about a week.

She is the teenage drama Queen. She is sometimes so sweet I wonder what happened to my real daughter. Then I ask her to pass the salt & the real Queenie stands up. She can have a melt down over the dumbest(I mean most crucial) stuff. You know the type. She has also spent most of the summer sleeping. This is the same kid that didn't want to go to Drum Corp camp because she would waste her summer. Huh?

He is a pretty easy going kid. Loves to play football & run track. Most of the time he will do what you ask him to without having a fit about it.


Otherwise known as "Her Royal Highness". We Know who really rules the house & it's not me. A few months before her 3rd birthday she began telling anyone who would listen that she was going to be a "True Princess" on her birthday. Not just your everyday ordinary princess but a TRUE princess. Now this is a chick who knows what she wants!

Back to my hospital visits. I wake up Spike & tell him that he has to keep an eye on the Princess because I have to go to the hospital. I will be gone all day so please remember to feed her lunch & put her down for a nap. then it starts. "I'm not gonna watch her all by myself you have to make Queenie help." I go to wake up Queenie & all I get is a grunt from somewhere under the covers. All I can see of her is a toe. When I tell her to get up she whines at me. I love this. Then I ask her to at least move to the couch so the Princess is not alone in the living room. So she drags all her covers off her bed & goes to sleep on the couch. Not exactly what I had in mind but it will work. Then I make sure Spike is up. Someone should really be up & moving before I leave the house.
Smitty works all day so he is not an option here. I leave & am gone most of the day. I check in several times & yes they did remember to feed the Princess & put her down for a nap. Good. But later when I come home I find all of Queenie's blankets still on the couch & the house looking like it threw up. Apparently Queenie slept until almost 1:00. Just in time to put the Princess down for her nap. Then of course there was nothing to do so she chatted online to her friends who were just getting up too. I wanna be 15 again!
So today I am trying to find the house. It is also the day I change the sheets on everyones beds. I tried having the kids change their own sheets but that didn't work out. Yep you guessed it, they didn't change them at all. Yuck. So know whether they need it or not all sheets get changed every week. My washer is working overtime today!
I have spent enough time playing around now I have to finish cleaning or at least make it look like I did something before the kids & DH get home.


Mary said...

Yes, indeedy your day is a busy one...nice to know that teenagers have not changed since my now 30 something girls were teenagers!

doodlebugmom said...

Welcome to blogland! Come and visit my corner anytime.

the don said...

So, did you forget to tell us what DH stands for. Dead Husband or what?
Remember the don is watching.