Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Serious Injury

Around 4:00 I got a call from Dh( from here on out to be known as Pookie) telling me he was in the ER. I was wondering where he was. At least now I know. He was supposed to come home after work, change clothes & go play in some sort of poker tournament thingie with some friends. About 10 minutes before the end of work, he got out of his truck & stepped on a hose. He twisted his ankle & heard some snap, crackle & pop noises. Those kinds of nosies are never good when they are body related. I'm sure he said some choice words too. He did the right thing though & told work what he did. Otherwise with our luck it will come back & bite us in the ass. Then he went to the ER. He drove himself too. He hurt his right ankle. And since he is a guy driving on it was perfectly fine. You guys know exactly what I am talking about. Never ask for help if you can possibly avoid it.
So my wonderful Pookie drives on his rapidly swelling ankle to the ER. When he calls to tell me where he is he says,"I'm afraid to take my boot off."
Great. This already sounds good doesn't it? I picture him coming home(driving of course) with crutches & orders to stay home for a week. This is not good. Guys are whiny when they are sick. Oh stop, you know you are. And when they are not sick but have to stay home anyway they are worse.
This is really going to mess up my day. How can I lay on the couch in my robe eating BonBons & watching soaps if he is going to be home? Usually I get the kids out the door & then the Princess & I lounge around eating chocolate & giving directions to the maids(notice the s on the end of Maid) till 1ish then she takes a nap. Then I shower & get dressed cause it looks bad if you are still in your jammies when the kids come home from school. Pookie is really gonna mess this up for me.

Ha! I wish! In my dreams I would have a maid or 2 or 6. The lounging around in my jammies all day has actually happened. Not recently though. And I also think I had the flu. Because every Mom knows that in order to stay in your jammies & lounge around all day you have to be sick. Not just a little sick but A LOT sick. Sick with fluid coming out of every orifice you own sick. Ok well you get the picture.

I'm off to bed. Well first I have to make sure that anything that looks like food or could be used as a food substitute is hung from the ceiling. Bailey the Wonder Dog will be on the prowl tonight. Looking I'm sure, for anything that she didn't eat today.

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