Friday, September 7, 2007

Mom always says don't play ball in the house.

Kids are great & sometimes they do stuff that you just have to laugh at. Here is a good example.
Remember the Brady Bunch episode where they played basketball in the house & broke a vase? I think everyone has seen that one several times. This is our version of that story.

A few weeks ago I came home after spending all day at the hospital with my Father-in-law. Pookie was already home from work & was watching the girls play catch in the living room. Now I don't mind if they play catch in the house but you have to be careful. We do have ceiling fans. Do you see where I am going with this? I went into the kitchen & noticed that my wonderful children had not touched it all day. They just added to the mess. Here is a visual for you. Various My Little Ponies scattered all over the floor. Colored pencils & about 50 sheets of printer paper(all with a little scribble on each one) are everywhere. Apparently we have a little artist. Several pieces of plastic food from the Princess's kitchen litter the floor. 'Nuf said. Get the picture yet? Oh yea & the sink is overflowing with dishes. Both sides are heaping with dirty dishes & a glass is perched on top of the pile. I'm not exactly sure how it's staying up there. It's just plain scary in here. As I stand in the kitchen the girls wander in & start playing catch. The words be careful are not even out of my mouth when the Princess tosses the ball in the air. I watch helpless as the ceiling fan catches the ball & flings it over to the wall knocking the curtain rod off the window. See where this is going? The curtain rod falls into the sink hitting the glass that has been perched so nicely on top of the pile sending it crashing to the floor. Of course it smashed into a million tiny pieces. There is really nothing to do but laugh at this point. The princess is not wearing any shoes so we grab her & move her to the carpet. She is mad & starts to cry because she wants to help pick up the glass. I don't let her because I have spent enough quality time at the hospital today & I do not have time for a ER visit. It's a good thing that no one put the vacuum cleaner away last time they used it. That makes it really handy to clean up the mess. I even manage to clean it all up without cutting myself. After about 45 minutes I can see the floor. Before I can vacuum up all the glass I have to pick up all the toys & other stuff that is on the floor.

And that my friends is a perfectly good example of why your Mother always told you not to play ball in the house.

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