Thursday, March 13, 2008


I have heard from several friends & neighbors that shopping can be dangerous to the checkbook. Either that or things in my town are just getting really expensive. Below is a price list of how much some things can cost in my neck of the woods.


Toothpaste- $50.00
Paper Cups-$28.00
Dogfood,toothpaste & soap-$122.00



I can never run into a store for just 1 thing. Especially in our new super huge we carry everything you could ever need or want WalMart. I always have to look at the scrapbook stuff, hit the clearance isle( you just never know what you might need in there) scope out the day old bakery rack, run through the kids clothes to see if they have anything on a clearance rack that will fit any of my kids, & then there is all the grocery isles. I'm toast once I hit those. It wasn't so bad until WalMart came to town. I really like having it here but wow are things pricey! My friends & I have a running joke about how much we spent when running in for 1 thing. You just can't do it. It's kinda like eating just 1 Lays potato chip. You can't.

I'm gonna tell Pookie that he has to take on a second job to support my WalMart habit.

I wonder how well that will go over?