Monday, September 17, 2007

Can I drive?

Friday the most horrible thing happened. Queenie brought home her Driving Permit. I knew it was coming, I even had to send in money so she could get it. But I didn't actually believe it. It was one of those "ya gotta see it to believe it" moments. And I saw it. I'm looking at it right now hanging on the fridge. It doesn't look very scary hanging there all innocent like. But I know different. Pookie took her driving for the first time. I think girls are harder then boys. At least they are in this house. With Smitty it was easy. He had already driven tractors & dirt bikes. He had the basics down. Driving with him was much easier. Driving with a girl is sooo much harder.

We have 2 vehicle's that she can drive. A small pickup truck & a tank. She went driving for the first time in the pickup. She said it went well. Pookie said different. Although there are no dents in the truck & Pookie wasn't shaking as bad as I thought he would be, so I think it went well. They were gone for over an hour which I thought was pretty good for the first time. They have to have 50 hours behind the wheel with a parent. 10 of those must be night driving. Smitty only had to have 25 & I thought those were hard to do. Getting 50 is going to be really tough. I think we will be getting them 5 mins at a time too. We are already getting the standard response for everything we have to leave the house for.

"Can I drive?"

She has only had her permit since Friday & I already hate those 3 little words.

I took her driving 1 time over the weekend. I needed to go to Aldi & she drove me. It was the longest trip of my life. Aldi is really only 5 mins or so away from the house. I took her the only way I could so that she would NOT be on the highway. I didn't think she was ready for the highway. I was right. Plus it was the first time she had ever driven The Tank. The Tank is a 4 door suburban. Much larger then the pickup. You are up higher too. I like being bigger then a lot of cars on the road. To me that's a good thing. When we got back(from the longest trip of my life) she said she felt like The Tank was bigger then the road. I remember feeling that way when I was learning to drive. Dad had a Vega, Mom had a Buick. It was HUGE! I drove the Vega, hated the Buick.

I know where she is coming from. I just hope we live through it.

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Valerie said...

oh mercy.
i remember practicing on a '67 chevy impala, THEN on a '78 ford fairmont. both tanks. both sucked.

but i haven't killed anyone yet, so i must be doing something right.