Thursday, September 6, 2007

I'm bored

Pookie came home form the ER with instructions to ice down his ankle tonight & take it easy the next day. He dropped off his prescription at Walgreens before coming home. He came into the house & I got him settled in the recliner with an ice pack & went to pick up Spike from Football practice. I picked up Spike & then headed to Walgreens to pick up the prescription. Of course it was not ready & they were so busy. I have never seen it so busy. I left poor Spike in the car telling him I would only be a minute. After all how long could it take to pick up a RX & a battery? Well it took almost 45 minutes. Poor Spike was exhausted from practice & very smelly & sweaty. When I finally left the store I found my car by looking for the stink fumes coming off of it. It was pretty easy to find because it was the only car with little squiggly fumes rising above it. We rode home with the windows down. Good thing it's summer.

Pookie didn't go to work today. I didn't think it was going to happen but he said he was going in today. My alarm went off at 6:30 & he is still in bed. He usually leaves around 6:30. I told him to stay home & off the ankle today. Then I got up to start the waking up process of 2 kids while he went back to sleep. Gotta love him.

Woke up Queenie & all I got was a grunt. Then off to wake up Spike. I get a much better response from him. He actually sits up & looks at me. Then back up to wake up Queenie again. This time I have success. I don't talk to her because I have learned this is a bad thing. She is NOT a morning person. Apparently that is why she slept til 1:00 everyday all summer. To avoid the morning. Good plan.

Got Queenie out the door on time & then later noticed that she forgot her lunch in the fridge. It's only day 4 of school & we are already forgetting our lunch. It's gonna be a great year.

Had to drive Spike to school today. He had this huge hockey bag full of Football pads & other football type stuff. It's bigger then he is & I'm pretty sure it weighs more. His bus is so crowded that they have to sit 3 kids to a seat. That means that this huge bag gets to ride on his lap. He begged for a ride today. So being the nice Mommy that I am I drove him. As I load the Princess into her car seat I notice that it is 8:15. School starts in 15 minutes. Wonderful, we are running late. So I am driving like a bat out of Hell(very safely & within the speed limit of course ) and as we drive past one of his friends(also on the football team) he says,"oh crap! I forgot my jersey." Great. I take the next turn & speed home. I ask him if he knows where it is. He yells,"yes" as he runs in to the house. He has a game today & was supposed to wear the Jersey. You would think that this would of crossed his mind last night when I told him to pick out his clothes for today. But then again he is 13 & a guy. That's 2 strikes against him. Poor kid.

Pookie is sitting in the recliner with ice on his ankle. He managed to take a shower without any help from me. I didn't hear any big thuds coming from the bathroom either. That means he didn't fall. Good. He hobbles out to the recliner & I start filling the ice pack. The Princess is playing Nancy Nurse & wrapping his other ankle in a Ace wrap. When I take the Ace wrap away so I can use it I give her 2 straps with Velcro on them. She is just as happy with those. What ever works. After I get him settled he tells me he is bored. This is great. Now I have to play Cruise Director today & keep him entertained. Like I have nothing else to do today. I left the Princess in charge of entertainment & left the room. I need to try to find a counter today. I am doing it slowly. I don't want to overwork myself. The Princess entertained him by watching Clifford, Dragon Tales, Calliou & Teletubbies. Where does she come up with these great ideas? I could of never provided that quality of entertainment on my own. Good thing she was here.

When my kids tell me they are bored I make them clean something. I am going to make him fold socks. I hate folding socks. We have a "SOCK BASKET" it's where I put all the socks when I fold clothes. Eventually we all dig through it for socks because no one wants to match them up.

"Oh Pookie I have a job for you."

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