Monday, October 15, 2007

Mommy, I'm sick

The Princess is sick. Not exactly sure what she has but she has something. On Friday she puked a few times. Once all over herself, me & several blankets & the second time in her car seat. Two really good places to puke. She hates to puke. It scares her. It scares me too. I don't know anyone who actually likes to do that. Enough about puke. Moving on. On Saturday she was just fine. You would never know she was sick the day before. That's a kid for you. They can bounce back like a super ball. Remember those?

On Saturday because she wasn't sick I had to go, sorry I GOT to go watch Spike's football playoffs. We drove 1 hour away so we could play against the other team from our town. That made sense didn't it? With all the parents/fans that went we probably spent about $1000.00 in gas getting there so we could watch our hometown teams battle it out for 3rd & 4th place. We took 4th. Granted it was at a nice field with a concession stand & everything, but I didn't need to drive all that way for popcorn.

Saturday night the Princess started to cough. Not a good cough either. It was the barking kind. That kind is never good. I had a bad feeling about that cough. Sunday she was not doing good, but took a good nap. Sunday night she spent most of the night in my bed not sleeping. On the plus side she woke up with a dry pull up. At least there was 1 good thing about last night. This morning I decide to call the Dr. I have to wait until 9:00 to do it because I never have good luck leaving a message with the answering service. I call at 9:00 & get the voice mail at the Pediatricians office. Ya gotta love it. They make it so hard to talk to a real person any more. I left a message & then decided to harass them(I mean call) every half hour if I haven't heard from them by 9:30. While I am on hold with the appointment desk(for the first time) my talking call waiting informs me that the Dr's office is calling. Love call waiting. Talking call waiting is even better cause I can decide if I want to answer the phone or not. I chose to answer this one. She got an appointment for 11:00 today. The Dr. informs me that what she has is viral. What that translates to is there is no good drugs for it. We just have to tough it out & if she is not better in a few days call her. Great. And for the record today sucked. All she did was cry & make me lay by her on the couch. I felt awful. She didn't nap either. Poor thing. I hope she has a good night. I don't know if you caught the part about how she spent last night in my bed NOT sleeping. That means I didn't sleep either.

This not sleeping thing is just one of the perks of being a Mom.

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