Friday, October 12, 2007

My Things

The Princess goes to Preschool 2 times a week. Just like any other kid starting school we needed to get a few school supplies. Lucky for me I had everything she needed. When shopping for school supplies I always buy a lot of everything. The same notebook that is .10 in July(when they start all the school supply sales) will be $2.99 in December. I always buy in bulk. Now the Preschool list is much shorter then a regular supply list. We needed:

1 box of crayons
1 pair of blunt scissors
1 paint shirt
1 box of Kleenix

Of course EVERYTHING had to have her name on it. Yep that meant all the crayons too. Since I have done this 3 other times I knew just how to do it. I use return address labels. I have a lot of them because I am always getting them free in the mail from some organization or another. I don't seem to use them that much any more either. I do most things on the computer now.

When we get to school on her first day I take her supplies & put them in her cubby. When I pick her up I notice all her supplies are back in her bag. I told her she could leave them at school & her answer was "No I can't. These are my things."

Thursday I drop her off & put her "things" away again. When picking her up there they are back in her bag again. This time I go back in & put them away. Then I get to listen to her cry all the way home because she misses her things. Especially her scissors.
She is now sobbing,"I need my my my scissors!"

Trying to explain to her that her things need to stay at school is like talking to a wall. Or like talking to one of my other kids. She is learning early. I thought I actually had a shot with this one too. Tuesday when I drop her off I put away her things yet again. Pick up time rolls around & this time she only has the crayons in her bag. Yea! We might be getting somewhere. Fast forward to Thursday pick up time & there they are again. All her things are back in her bag. She is having a really hard time leaving "Her things" there! Separation anxiety? Who knows.
I tried having the other kids explain that they keep their things at school but she isn't buying it.

So On Tuesday we will once again try to leave her "very special things" at school. She just now informed me that she can't leave them at school because "They are very special to me Mom."

Wonderful. I have a kid with a school supply fetish. I suppose it could be worse. She likes school & is very happy to have me leave her there. I have seen other Mom's peel their kids off their legs telling them they will have so much fun they won't even miss Mom. Yea right. At least she is not like that!

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Valerie said...

i so get it.
while i wasn't quite that extreme as a kid, then, as now, i become giddy with excitement when the 'back to school' stuff comes out. all i want is new crayons, notebook paper and pens.