Friday, October 19, 2007

Goodbye Optimus Prime

My beloved grand child Optimus Prime went back to school yesterday morning. I miss him terribly. I did get pictures though. If I could figure out how to post them here I could show you just how cute & plastic he looks. Ok I think I added a picture. Yea me!


Yesterday I tried to fix an ongoing problem that I have been having with my e-mail. I can e-mail anyone but my school district. For some reason they are not receiving any e-mail from me. It isn't just me either. It is other people with the e-mail. Our District's Tech Dept says that it is on my end. Because I NEED to be able to contact the teachers by e-mail(way easier then the phone) I decide to see what I can do to fix it. It's gonna be harder then I thought. First I try to go to the yahoo website & do a live chat. That guy was useless. He had no idea what I was talking about & kept asking me the same question over & over. Hung up on him.
Then I called the AT&T Internet Service number. This guy tells me that it on the District's end & that they have me blocked. Told him several times they didn't. I don't think he believed me. He passed me off to Yahoo Tech support. They told me it was AT&T's problem & promptly passed me back. Now I'm getting dizzy from all the flying around I'm doing.
The next guy says that he will try to get a 2nd level tech support guy to talk to me but he needs to get approval first. I am on hold for at least 10 minutes & he comes back & says 2nd level can't help. Apparently this is not a important enough problem for them. Then he tells me to see if I can receive e-mail from the school. I hang up & call my contact person at the school, get proof that I can receive but not send & call them back, praying that I will get someone that I can understand. I have a hard time understanding people who have thick accents. And lets face it, most of the people who answer phones anywhere I happen to call have thick accents. It's just my cross to bear. I get lucky & get a nice woman who understands what I am talking about AND I can understand her. She is very helpful & once again tries to get me 2nd level tech support. It worked this time. Tonya was very helpful. Although my problem did not get fixed she at least figured out where the problem was & it was not MY fault. It is with our districts provider.

Now we wait.

I am on a "Mission from God" to get this fixed. It got personal after the 3rd person I talked to couldn't figure it out. It only took 7 people to figure it out AND I spend most of my day on the phone. Of course I had nothing else to do. House is squeaky clean, no laundry pile taking on a life of it's own, no dishwasher to load. None of that stuff. HA! While I just sat on my rear in front of the computer playing solitaire the house just fell apart around me.

I hate it when that happens.

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Valerie said...

i've got some laundry to do if you're interested.