Thursday, October 25, 2007

Mom I have to pee

The Princess went on her first field trip today. I don't know what part she was more excited about. The actual trip to the Pumpkin Patch or the ride on the school bus. I was just excited that she was going to be gone from 9:45 til noon. Is that a bad thing? I had an appointment to get my hair colored & I was very excited about that. I had the multi colored look going which really isn't a good look for me. Brown & gray( more gray then brown because I've waited so long) just isn't the look I was going for. Because I don't work OUTSIDE the house(I work my tail off INSIDE the house) I don't keep up my hair maintenance like I should. I think if I had a job where people actually cared what I looked like I would do it more often. My kids could care less what I look like, unless I am out in public with them. Most of the time they are just fine with my multi colored two tone hair. All they care about is do we have any food in the house. Not just any food but the "good stuff" like Ho Ho's, cookies, you know, good food. Did I wash their favorite pants & what's for dinner. One of my lovely children actually told their father that I didn't do anything all day but clean & do laundry. Good to know I'm appreciated isn't it?

My hair was done in plenty of time. I even had time to chat with a big person. All by myself too! That doesn't happen very often. Usually my conversation with a big person goes something like this:
Me: Hi, how are you?
Them: Great! It's been a long time since I've seen you.
The Princess: Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom
Me: shhh, Just a minute, Mommy's talking.
Them: Wow, she is getting big.
Me: Yes she is, she goes to school now.
the Princess: I'm a big girl.
Them: Yes you are
The Princess: Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom
Me: Shhh, Mommy's talking
The Princess:(spoken at the top of her lungs) But I have to make poop.
Me: Nice seeing you, gotta run!

Almost every big people conversation that I have gets killed because my kid has to poop or pee. That is a real conversation killer right there. It's also something that can't wait. By the time they announce that they have to go, it's almost to late. Then you have to make the mad dash to the potty which is always as far away from you as it can get.
When Smitty was potty training we were remodeling our house & were always in Wolahan's. Smitty loved that place because they gave you popcorn when you came in. I hated shopping there because EVERY TIME we went in there he had to go potty. But he had awesome timing. The bathrooms were in the middle of the store AND they were locked. Who locks bathrooms? He would wait until we were as far away from them as we could get then he would announce that he had to go. Then I had to make the mad dash to the front of the store to get the key(usually attached to a HUGE piece of wood) and pray that I could get the key, make it to the bathrooms, unlock them & get him to the potty before it was too late.

Whoever decided to lock the bathrooms in stores obviously didn't have kids.

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