Monday, October 22, 2007

Bailey the Wonder Dog strikes again

The Princess was sick last week. guess who has it now? Yep, me. It's a doozy too. Snotty nose, sore throat, the works. Nothing like trying to function while sick. Cause all Mom's know we don't get to go to bed & get better. We have to suck it up & trudge on. Any other members of our family get to go to bed when they are sick. There is a unwritten rule somewhere that says that Mom's have to work while sick. I would really like to know who wrote that rule. I bet it was a guy.

Bailey the Wonder Dog has been at it again. This morning the Princess & I had a few errands to run. Since the dog was passed out on the couch downstairs I left her there. Big mistake. I walked up the stairs & the Princess says, "I hope Bail didn't eat anything." Can you tell it happens a lot? As I come up the stairs I notice a big brown spot on the carpet. Crap! I know she ate something but at this point I'm not exactly sure what. I did take a roast out of the freezer this morning & put it in the sink. I was praying that WAS NOT what she ate. As I move into the living room I notice another large brown spot on the carpet. This one has brown powder in it. What did she eat? And there is was....... the 10 lb family size can of Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate. Well maybe it wasn't 10 lbs, but it was the big one. She didn't eat the whole can either. She left me some. Wasn't that nice of her? The kids wouldn't notice if I put the dry stuff in another container & told them it was hot chocolate. **Insert evil laugh here**
I did the proper thing & threw it out, all of it. Now I have to try & figure out how to get brown stains out of "not brown" carpet.

The darn dog has been very busy lately. Thursday when I went to pick up the Princess from school she ate quite a few crayons. Yum. When I picked up all her "treasure" from the yard on Friday I noticed quite a few piles were sprinkled with pretty colors. On Saturday Pookie brought home a dozen long john donuts. We ate a few out of the box. A few hours later I noticed that the box wasn't all the way shut & went to close it. Nothing in it. She was very neat about eating them though. She left the box on the table so we didn't even think she did it. The box was licked clean. Not even my kids do that. Eating that many donuts gives the dog diarrhea, don't ask how I know. Ever try picking pudding up out of the yard?

I think whenever we leave the house the dog is going to have to be crated. She has proven that she can't be trusted. I'm starting to worry that she will eat the couch next.

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