Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I'm a Grandma!

Yesterday Spike made me a Grandma to a 10lb plastic computer baby. My "Grandchild" will be a guest in our home til Friday. The baby is designed to help stop teen pregnancy. All my kids have had one. And so far none of them are parents so it must be working. We did have a VERY hard time convincing the Princess that it wasn't her baby. She just was not buying the fact that it was Spike's. When you get the baby it comes with a car seat & a diaper bag. You must change clothes & keep a record of when you do it. Good thing I didn't have to write down every time I changed one of the babies clothes. Sometimes I just got a clean outfit on & I had to change them again. There just wasn't time to write anything down. This baby is an older model. They have new ones but I have been informed that the girls got those. The new ones come with a bottle(with a computer chip in it) & 2 diapers that are chipped too. So they KNOW if you change the diapers. I thought the new babies sounded like more fun. The old babies have keys that they attach to your wrist with a hospital like bracelet. When Smitty did it he was not in a sport at the time so he could not remove the key from his wrist so someone else could babysit. Spike is in a sport so his bracelet slips off so someone else can watch it. When the baby cries you have to put the key in its back & hold it there(literally) until it laughs. Then you can take it out. You never know how long it will take either. Smitty had to do all the baby care on his own because he couldn't take the key off. This meant showering with the baby sitting on the toilet. And yes it did cry while he was in there. So he had to get out dripping wet & put in the key. He was not happy when he finally got to finish his shower. I told him,

"Welcome to my world"

I have showered many times with a baby or 2 in the bathroom. I also have showered with up to 2 kids in the shower with me. Big fun.

I forgot the most important thing. He named him "OPTIMUS PRIME"
I'm so proud.


Did you know that a National Guardsman actually changed his name to Optimus Prime? I found that out when I googled it this morning to find out how to spell it. He legally changed his name on his 30th birthday & now it's on everything. His driver's license, his military ID & & his uniform. Wouldn't you love to be his kids? You could say, without lying, that your Dad is Optimus Prime!

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