Thursday, November 1, 2007

Last night was Halloween. The Princess went as herself. A Princess. Very original don't ya think? But having her go as herself in her royal gown meant I didn't have to buy anything for her to wear. We had it all. After all you never know when the occasion will arise & you need to meet your adoring public. It helps to have the appropriate Royal Wear on hand. We walked with friends around the block & then we were done. It was cold! She would of done more but her little hands were like ice cubes & her Mother(what was she thinking?) didn't give her any mittens. They didn't go with the outfit. She was content to answer the door with Spike. Between Bailey the Wonder Dog & the Princess we always knew way ahead of time when a Trick or Treater was coming up our walk. She would start to yell & then the dog would bark. The dog should have a sore throat from all the barking she did last night. It's important to bark EVERY TIME someone rings the doorbell. Even if there is only a few seconds between rings.

Queenie had to make a bumper sticker for school. Of course it was due the next day. Since I scrapbook we have all kinds of stuff to work with. Good thing too. I love it when they thrust a "due tomorrow project" in your face after dinner. I haven't scrapped in months. There just hasn't been time. Plus the Princess is not fun when I get all the stuff out. It's like Christmas for her. So much stuff to get into, so little time. We got out all my stuff after dinner was cleaned up & the Princess was busy playing in her room. We were very quiet getting everything out but I think she smelled it. She came out as soon as I got the first wheelie tote in the kitchen. After that she was a HUGE pain. Into EVERYTHING. Nothing was safe. I finally gave her some markers to play with. Really stupid move on my part. I was thinking that she would just color nicely while we worked on the bumper sticker. WRONG! She colored everywhere but on the paper. Her legs, arms, face, table & yes the kitchen floor. Well the floor was sort of an accident. While trying to pick up a bunch of markers she dropped on the floor, it got colored on.
Where was I during her little "artist moment" you ask? Well I was sitting right next to her trying to pick individual letters off a stack of letters. Those little suckers did not want to come off without ripping. My conversation with the Princess went something like this:

Me: (finally pealing off a "D" without it ripping.) Princess stop coloring on your arms. Only on the paper.
Princess: Ok Mommy.
Me: (Trying to find a red "U".) Please put all the lids back on the markers.
Princess: But Mom they are my finger nails.
Me: Wonderful but now your hands are all covered with marker. Please put the lids back on.
Princess: Can I color on the table?
Note: When they ask this it is already to late
Me: no you may not. Crap you already did it.
Princess: Crap Mommy?
Me: What I meant was , oh no.

Well you get the idea. It wasn't a pretty picture. And is spite of all the "Helping" the Princess did I realized how much I miss scrap booking. I am actually going to a crop with a friend this month. I'm excited. I really liked getting out all the stuff & playing with it even if it was for a school project.
Some day I am going to have all my pictures in a scrapbook. And not the "awful, dangerous" magnetic one either. I am going to take all my pictures out of those horrible albums & put them in acid free ones.

And some day I'll be rich too.

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