Friday, November 9, 2007

My Vacation

My loving hubby has taken a few days off from work. I hate it when he does that! It really messed up my schedule. I mean how can I lay around on the couch in my robe all day eating Bon Bons? It just loses the effect when you have your darling hubby in full hover mode over the couch saying things like:

Are ya gonna do this all day? Duh, this is what I do all day

Can I have the clicker? No way. Touch it & die.

Aren't you going to feed the kids lunch? No, they can snack on what ever they can reach.

Can I have a Bon Bon? This question could get your arm taken off.

Seriously the kids have a few days off because of Conferences & don't go back until next Tuesday. Pookie goes on call very soon so we thought we would go to the Dells for 1 night & stay in a fun hotel with a water park. Sounds like a great plan right? We thought so too. It was decided that Thursday was the only day we could go. I have things going on over the weekend that I can't miss & I had all the conferences scheduled for Wednesday night. We were good to go. Then the kids messed it up. Gotta love 'em. Queenie joined an after school club. Their first Bowling meeting was last Wednesday. I thought nothing of it. She came home & told us they were meeting next Thursday. It still doesn't click. I may have lost a few brain cells over the years. Kids will do that to you. Then over the weekend I am sitting in front of the computer trying to pick a good hotel (within our budget that will still be fun), & that's when it hits me. CRAP! We can't go, Queenie has bowling that night. Now I know you are thinking why not have her miss it. Well we thought of that but since this was only the second meeting & they are just starting to get it going we didn't want her to miss it. Another fun thing ruined by one of my kids.

Someday & I know it's a huge possibility that I'll be old & gray, I'm going to go on vacation when I want to. It's getting old planning my vacations around the kids schedules.

I know, I know, I should of realized this BEFORE I had 4 kids. But no one told me they were gonna mess up my VACATION SCEDULE. I might of had 2nd thoughts then.

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