Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Bad weather vs shopping

We have snow coming. It's the first snow of the season & it is all over the news. You would think this kind of thing never happens from all the publicity it's getting. Because Pookie plows snow & is on call all winter we pay a lot of attention to the weather channel around here. If it's gonna snow we know he won't be home. When it's really bad we don't see him for days. Then when he does come home all he does is sleep. Plowing snow for hours at a time is hard work & you can't sleep while you are doing it. That's what he tells me anyway.

I have to go to WalMart today. Because the snow is coming I'm sure WalMart will be packed. People will be trying to get all their shopping done before the snow comes. I know that' s what I'm gonna do. I hate the cold sloppy weather that winter brings. Nothing is more fun then trying to push a full shopping cart through a sloppy nasty parking lot. I really should move someplace warm but then I would have to deal with more bugs. I don't do bugs. Especially big bugs. So I either stay here & freeze or move & be warm but deal with big bugs. What to do, what to do.

This nasty weather is gonna mess up travel plans for a lot of people. Lucky for us we don't have to travel very far on Thanksgiving. Only about 20 miles. At lest we don't have to fly anywhere. The airports are a mess with all kinds of delays. That really brings out the thankfulness in you doesn't it? Glad I'm not going to be stuck in an airport for Thanksgiving. No one plans on that but you know it will happen.

I just hope all the nasty weather doesn't mess up my plans for Black Friday. As much as I hate cold & snow, I love Black Friday more.

Neither rain nor snow nor black of night will keep me from shopping on Black Friday!


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