Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I'm not the "Cool Aunt" any more

While at my niece's baby shower this weekend it was brought to my attention by a sister-in-law(close to my age) that we are no longer the "Cool Aunts". We used to be the ones making the cute counted cross stitch wall hangings for all the babies & weddings. The torch has been passed. Now we are now shopping at WalMart along with everyone else. We don't have the time or energy to make the counted cross stitch any more. We used to never travel anywhere with out a project. All enclosed in it's cute little quilted zippered case of course. Back when we were all first married most of our friends & family played on the church softball teams. Most of them played on 2 teams which meant ball twice a week. No one had any kids yet but we all cross stitched. The husbands played ball & the wives all sat & watched them while we cross stitched. That's when we were the "Cool Aunts". We had the time to make all kinds of stuff.

I am trying to get back into crafts. But with a 3 year old it's hard to find the time to do it when she isn't up. It doesn't seem to matter how quiet I am getting it out. She seems to smell it & come running. I did manage to sew 3 burp cloths for my niece's baby shower. It only took 1 nap time to do it. I also want to make a quilt & a few other things. I guess I will have to muddle through them 1 nap at a time.

The fact that I don't sew well could pose a problem but I do have about 42 naps before Christmas so I could actually pull it off.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to have burst your bubble but at least we're in it together! Too funny but definately not too cool!