Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Princess Baker

This morning while I am in the shower the Princess is in the bathroom playing in the sink. I know this because I have to keep peeking to see what she is doing. When I ask her what she is doing she says nothing. Nothing in Princess talk means I am doing something naughty. She was playing with the soap & pretending to put her contacts in with the spray bottle & an old contact lens case. That just gets everything wet. She has bad aim with that spray bottle.

When I do finish my shower & open the curtain I find the bath mat covered with stuff so I can't step on it. All I can see are 2 white circles & lots of blurry blobs. I hadn't put my contacts in yet & I am blind as a bat without them so all I saw were blurry blobs. I ask her what those white circles are & she tells me they are plates for the cake she is making. I ask her to move stuff so I can get out & I get my glasses on. I notice 2 paper plates. One has the wash cloth I used in the shower on it. That is the cake. She has also gotten 2 of my forks from the kitchen. (well what do you eat cake with?) Yum, nothing I like better then cake made with a wash cloth I just used to wash my "special parts" with. I tell her that she can't use the wash cloth(besides being gross) because it is dripping through the plate. So she starts to unroll the toilet paper. Again I ask her what she thinks she is doing. This is my cake. Oh I get it. Now instead of using my "oh so sanitary" wash cloth we are going to use lots of wadded up toilet paper. After all it's a big cake. Then I have to eat it. All this is going on while I am trying to hurry up & get dressed. She has school today & we are running late. But I do the only thing a Mom can do. I stop & eat my toilet paper cake. Yum. Cake anyone?

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