Thursday, February 28, 2008

Challenge your brain

When I was in school(many many moons ago) the teachers always said to challenge your brain. Usually that just meant more homework. And from a kids point of view more homework is never good. But they were right. It is very important for your health that you challenge your brain everyday. It just may prevent you from getting Alzheimer's Disease. My Mother-in-law(who I love to pieces) has Alzheimer's & I have been going to Alzheimer's Support Group meetings with 2 of my sister-in-laws & my niece. I've learned a lot from these meetings.

1. We are not alone in our struggle.

2. There is help out there.

3. We are not as bad off as we thought. It is much worse for others who are farther along in their struggle with this disease.

4. There is a wonderful message board on the Alzheimer's Association web site. I get a lot of answers by reading & posting there.

5. Keeping healthy by challenging your brain, eating right & getting exercise is good for us & it might prevent or delay Alzheimer's.

I have Alzheimer's on my Dad's side. Pookie has it on his Mom's. I would really like to prevent it if I can. Eating healthy & getting exercise certainly won't hurt any of us.

One easy way to challenge your brain is try writing your name with your opposite hand. Or brush your teeth with your opposite hand. You are learning something new & that is challenging your brain.

If something as easy as trying to write my name with my other hand could possibly help in preventing Alzheimer's Disease why wouldn't I do it?

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