Thursday, January 3, 2008

Things I want to improve on

It's day 3 of the new year & I haven't posted my "Things I want to improve on" list. I'm not going to make New Years Resolutions because I never keep them. So instead I am making a list of all the stuff I would like to improve on. I'm sure we all have a list like that. Here is mine:

1. Keep up with the laundry better.(easer said then done. 6 people make a lot of laundry!)
2. Know what is for dinner well before dinner time. (I am really bad with this one)
3. Get all the stuff out of my room that doesn't belong there.
4. Keep my cabinets stocked better.(Actually I just need better hiding spots for the good stuff)
5. Have a better attitude towards my bitchy(did I say that?) teenagers.
6. Exercise more. (anything would be more then I am doing now.)
7. Have more patience with my MIL. (some days are worse then others!)
8. Keep my house a little cleaner.
9. Organize my desk. It always looks like a bomb went off on it.
10. Plan more family picnics.

These are a good start. Don't want to hurt myself right away. They are all easy things I just need to find time to do them. Sometimes taking a nap is a much better idea then laundry. The dinner thing should be a given, but sadly it's not. Although I do know what we are having today & it's not even 10:00 am yet. Pretty good start. But I do have to go to the store to get the supplies. Just cause I know what we are having doesn't mean that I have everything I need to make it.

I just looked at the weather. It's -5° (with wind chill factor) I really don't want to go out & shop. But I put it off yesterday because it was cold. I can't use that excuse every day in the winter. I really wish I didn't have to downsize & let the maid go. She could do all this shopping for me. In a perfect world I would really have a maid or 2 or 3. A cook too. Oh & as long as I am planning my perfect house lets get someone to do laundry too.

There. I feel better.
Now I can lay around all day in my robe & eat BonBons.

Anyone wanna join me?


BusyDad said...

Change bon bons to pizza and you got yourself a deal. Funny - no these aren't things you will improve on, these are things you simply want to improve on. I want to put money aside for my kid's college fund. There, I feel waaaay better. ;) Ok, let's go raid the cabinet for the good stuff!

One who shouldn't sing said...

Yes, let's hire a maid, would make life easier. Also, more family picnics, I like that one. More exercise, me too, probably won't happen, but I'll try.