Sunday, January 6, 2008

I went to a crop at a friends house today. I took enough pictures so that I could get at least 6 pages done. With all the working chatting I did I got 5 pages done. Pookie always laughs at me when I go to a crop. I always take everything I own. I look like I am moving out. I have 3 large totes & various other crap stuff. I have another friend who doesn't like going to crops because she never knows what she should take. I bring everything I own. Problem solved. I have everything I need. Which is important to me because once I leave the house I AM NOT going back. That would just be flirting with danger. I might never make it out again. I'm not going to risk it. I just bring everything I own that way there is no problem. The best part was being away from home without any kids talking to big people. I took Spike with me so he could carry all my stuff in the house for me because his friend lives at the house where I cropped at. He played computer games all day.

We borrowed a friends Wii for the weekend. The kids & Pookie have been having a great time with it. I played 2 games of bowling & my arm is sore. I am really out of shape! The kids & Pookie are complaining that they are sore too. What does that tell you about my families exercise plan? I think we need to get out more.

Spike had a friend over last night & the Princess had to got to play too. They gave her a pair of socks to use as her controller & she bowled too. It was great. She was having a wonderful time thinking she was playing. I wasn't letting her near the Wii controllers. We are only borrowing. I am not buying them a new one cause my kid broke it! That wasn't the plan at all.

School starts up again tomorrow morning. I know exactly how it is going to go. I will have to peel my kids out of bed because they won't get up when their alarm goes off. It's the same after every break. I'm sure one of them will not be able to find that "something special" they wanted to wear to school & the other one will forget homework & I will have to bring it to school. It's not even Monday & I already am not looking forward to it. But on the plus side I do know what I am having for dinner. AND I have all the stuff I need to make it.

That's a little miracle right there.

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