Monday, January 7, 2008

My prediction of how the morning would go was pretty correct. No one got up on time. I got up at 7:05 & Queenie was still in bed & so was Spike. It was pitch black out still. I got everyone moving & no one was late & no one forgot anything. At least nothing they are calling home about. The Princess & I watched TV for a little while & then got moving.

We cleaned her room first. Her idea of cleaning her room is not the same as mine. In her eyes as long as everything is off the floor then it's clean. Her bed was full, but underneath was clean. Her baby's pack-n-play was full of toys(yes her baby's have their own play pen, they are just starting to crawl & get into everything) but the floor was clean. Then she got out her vacuum. It was very cute watching her vacuum her room. Too bad it wasn't really doing anything. After I really vacuumed then I had to go through all the stuff she piled everywhere.

It is 64° out according to the computer. Is it really January 7th? I have my windows open in the kitchen. If the sun would come out it would really be a nice day. I thought Spring was coming early until I looked at the 10 day forecast. We have snow coming on Friday. For a while there I thought my dream of just having Winter in the month of December was coming true. I really need to move somewhere warm but where it is warm there are bugs. BIG bugs. I don't do bugs. I don't run screaming & stand on chairs when I see one but I just don't like them. I am getting better at picking up dead ones though. I don't have to use a whole box of Kleenex anymore. I am down to only using 2 or 3. But I still flush them or burn them in the fire place. I'm not taking any chances! And yes I look to make sure they went down. I'm not having the little suckers try to make an escape while I'm using the potty!

Anyone live somewhere warm where there aren't any bugs? Cause that's where I'm moving as soon as I find it.

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