Thursday, December 6, 2007

Wired for sound

Someone put a quarter in the Princess. She has gotten her 2nd wind & she is wired for sound. It is almost bedtime so now is the perfect time to get all wound up. Spike isn't helping either. He is chasing her around the kitchen. I am just waiting for her to get hurt.

Well she did it. She got hurt. She wiped out taking the corner in the kitchen. I think she zigged when she should of zagged. Spike of course was fine. After 20 minutes of bawling she was fine. It didn't help that she took a crappy nap & woke up from that crying. As an added bonus for me she climbed into my lap while crying & promptly peed all over me. Not quite sure what brought that on. She has been potty trained for months. I had to change ALL my clothes because she soaked almost everything I had on. She got a new set of clothes too. Now the hamper stinks. I really wish I hadn't downsized & let my maid go. She is probably in the tropics somewhere with a Cabana Boy waiting on her. She'll never work for me again. That'll teach her.

It's snowing. I love the way it looks. It makes everything so white & pretty. Really cleans everything up. Then the plow guys come out. They throw dirty snow on top of all the clean pretty stuff. Pookie is a plow guy so I really shouldn't put them down too much. They do make it so you can drive down the street without ending up in the ditch. But they do have the annoying habit of waiting around the corner watching as you shovel your driveway. As soon as you are done they whip around the corner & plow the end of your driveway shut. They all do it. I think they learn it in plow guy school. Pookie's not talking. It must be a top secret thing.

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