Wednesday, December 5, 2007

It's snowing!

Last night it started to snow. As much as I hate winter I do love a good snow. It looks so pretty coming down & as long as I don't have to leave the house I love it. Pookie of course hates it when it snows because he has to work then. He was home about a hour & a half last night before they called him back in. I won't see him until after work tonight. Then he will just eat & sleep. I don't mind because then I get to be in charge of the TV. Not sure why he always seems to think that he gets to hold the clicker. It's not like it was in the wedding vows or anything. I promise to Love,honor & be whiny when I'm sick, now THAT was in the wedding vows. I definitely remember hearing him say that. But the clicker thing, was not in the vows.

Along with all this beautiful snow & having a husband that is NEVER home during that time comes the dreaded shoveling of the driveway. No one in this house wants to do it. I woke up this morning before 7 & checked the school closings list, just in case, & then started to wake up the boys so they could shovel. Spike didn't want to do it & Smitty said I'll just call someone to plow. So I said when are they coming? Of course he couldn't give me an answer so I kept up the "you have to shovel" mantra until they finally gave in & got up. After much whining they both went outside. Then they both came back in & said there was too much snow & they couldn't shovel. I was very supportive & said in my best "Mom voice"

"waaaaaaa, get back out there & shovel. It sucks to be you."

Very sympathetic don't ya think? I have kids for 2 reasons.

1. So I don't have to mow lawn
2. I don't have to shovel

Those are 2 pretty good reasons to have kids. Although the benefits do take a while to kick in.

When I went to take Queenie to school they were trying to dig out the snow blower. By the time I got back Smitty had half the driveway done. All that complaining & it probably took him 20 minutes to do the whole driveway & a sidewalk.

He is definitely a guy.

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