Monday, December 17, 2007

That &%$#@ Dog!

Bailey the Wonder Dog struck again. The Princess & I had 2 places to go this morning. We were going to be gone less then an hour. Smitty was home, sleeping, but he was home. I decided NOT to crate the dog when I left. Bad move on my part. There was nothing out that she could eat. No food was on the counter. The bread drawer had all the plastic tucked inside & there were no bowls of half eaten stuff laying around. Should be good right? WRONG! I ran my errands & Smitty was still in bed when I got back. I went around the house picking up stuff & putting it away & because it is Monday I went to take the sheets off my bed. I have a lot of bags of presents of the floor of my room. See where I am going with this? All gifts that don't stay here, all bagged up, wrapped & ready to go. As I walked into my room I noticed an open tub(think Ginormus) of Twizzlers laying on the floor among the many bags of gifts. I also noticed that most of it was gone. Crap! Damn dog! She really had to dig for that too. It was on the bottom of one of the bags of gifts. She must of been able to smell it through the hermetically sealed plastic & wrapping paper. In her defense she was really very neat about the whole process. She only tore the corner of the paper on one of the gifts. I don't even have to re wrap it. She did manage to do a good job of eating the plastic tub & lid though. She is gonna have the shits for days with the amount of Licorice that she ate. Something must be wrong with her though because she didn't eat the entire tub. Usually she finishes what she starts.

I WAS all done with my shopping. Now I have to go out again & see if I can replace it. I bought it on Black Friday. It was an awesome deal, that's why I got it. IF I manage to find it again I know I will end up paying double. I hate it when that happens.

Some days I just hate that dog.

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Celena said...

Oh Mom, it could have been soooooooo much worse! I consider that getting pretty darned easy as a matter of fact! Have you thought of giving her something to plug her up in case the licorice hits the way you think it might?? Should know by now right? Aint Xmas great???