Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Black Friday

This was meant to post the week my internet went down.

I’m not exactly sure what happened. I was all caught up. With Thanksgiving & Black Friday shopping I didn’t do laundry for 2 days. Now every hamper we own is full to over flowing & I can hardly open the laundry room door. Every towel we own is dirty & the Princess is out of socks. Yesterday was change the sheets day too. I know what you are thinking. Let the sheets go until you get caught up. But I took a whiff of the boy’s sheets & said no way. So on top of all the other laundry I had to do sheets too. I have been playing catch up with the laundry for 3 days now. I hate it when that happens.

My internet has been down for 2 days. It was working fine yesterday morning & then after the kids went to school it quit. I tried everything I know how to do to get it back up. Nothing worked. So finally last night I call the internet people. That was fun. Why is it so hard to get a real live person when you call any where? It took me about 5 minutes or so to get through all the prompts. Then I was disconnected & had to start all over. It took 3 calls to get an actual live person. And by the 3rd call I was just pushing any button that I thought would get me to a person. I think I ended up in sales. It had nothing to do with my no internet problem but at least she was real. She also connected me to another live guy.

I know why places do the automated thing. It saves them money. But it is so frustrating to everyone who calls. By the time we get through all the prompts we have forgotten why we called in the first place.

I did manage to survive my Black Friday shopping. I started my day at 2:30AM. Yes I said AM! Kohls opened first so I started there. I waited in line to get in at Kohls, Toys R Us & Menards. After that everyone was open. I got everything on my list except for 1 thing & I was able to order that for the door buster price when I got home. I finally got home at 1:00. Did I get to nap? Nope. I started doing laundry & making dinner right away. We always go out to dinner on Fridays too. I was so tired that I forgot it was Friday & I didn’t have to cook. By the time I realized it was Friday I had my roast almost done. I wouldn’t have been much fun at dinner anyway. By then I was getting really tired. I made it until 8:30. Then I crashed.

It’s hard being everyone’s personal shopper. :0)

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