Monday, December 10, 2007

Smitty is sick. He has the flu. Not the good kind either. The puking kind. Yuck. I hate the flu. Mainly because I know if one of my kids gets it, I'm next. The kids do so much better with the flu then I do. It wipes me out for a week or more. I think it's because everyone else in the house gets to go to bed & sleep to get better, but I don't. The Mom never gets to go to bed & sleep it off. We have to suffer through making dinner, cleaning house & doing laundry. Then after we get the little ones to bed we tell the husband that we are going to bed. And they have the nerve to say, "What your going now? You're not going to sit with me & watch tv?"
(translation-you're not going to sit & watch me change channels at lightening speed?)
When you tell them no they give that huge sigh. Some women (not as tough as me) might give in, but I have had 4 kids & I have no patience for a husband who whines because he doesn't want to watch tv alone.

I love to watch tv alone. It means that I can watch a whole tv show. The whole thing too, not bits & pieces. Nothing is more frustrating to me then to have the channel changed right when I was just getting into it. I think all guys have the ability to just know whenever their wife is starting to get interested in the show. They quickly change the channel pretending they didn't know that you were watching from the doorway.

You have to love your husband.

Can't live with them & you can't legally kill them & get away with it.

14 Days til Christmas!!!!

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