Friday, April 4, 2008

My new car

I got a new car. Well not brand new but a 1999. So far besides my trailer it's the newest thing we own. And I get it! That's how it works. Husband & wife buy a new car the wife automatically gets it & the husband gets the old one. We had been talking about getting me a car(it's the whole cheaper on gas thing) but I wasn't sure what I wanted. I haven't driven a car in 15 years. We sort of fell into this one. It was a good deal so we bought it. Originally we thought we would go look at it for Queenie, but as soon as I saw it I decided it was way to nice for her. I wanted it.
It has a keyless entry thing but it didn't work. Well since I've never had one of those before I had to get it fixed. Turns out I needed a new one. I went to the car dealer, found out they had them in stock but if I came back the next day I could get it programed for free. Sold. Then I tell Pookie who decided that I could get one much cheaper off Ebay. I let him look knowing all along I was going back to the car dealer to get it. Why start an argument.

Here is what I'm gonna tell the bill collectors when they call for money:

Bill collector:Hello ma'am this is the bill collectors. We need money.

Me:I don't have any. I just bought a car.

BC:Oh, was your old one in an accident?

Me:No. I just wanted one.

BC:Oh you must have some money you could give us.

Me:Well I do have some left but I need it to buy a new key thingie for the car.

BC:Did your car come without a key?

Me:Of course not. Why would I be stupid enough to buy a car without a key. This is for the keyless entry thingie so I can just push a button to lock it, open the trunk or beep the horn.

BC:Does the key work?

Me:Of course it does.

BC:Then why do you need a button thingie?

Me:Because I want one.

BC:But the key works right?


BC:I think you should send your money to us & pay off some bills. That would be better then a key thingie.

Me:No it wouldn't. Do you have any idea how many people drive tiny black cars? I'll never find it in the parking lot. Besides this one is special. It's stealth.

BC:Did you have to pay extra for that?

Me:Nope, just came with the car, cool huh?

BC:Does your husband know about the key thingie?

Me:Yes, but he thinks I should wait & get a cheaper one. But I don't wanna wait. I want to pay double & get it right now. Cause I'm worth it.

BC:I can't argue with a women. Have a good day ma'am.


Anonymous said...

LOVE IT. You sound like me with the bill collectors, except, I just don't answer the phone any more. I don't even turn the ringer on! LOL...


Anonymous said...

You are hilarious! I will treat my bill collectors - which will be plentiful - in this manner. Thanks for the tips!

Anonymous said...

This woman is fabulous and a great friend to boot! She makes everything sound funny, but she's really there for you if you are ever in need and I will never forget all the help she and her husband and really the whole family gave me!

Signed...ever faithful, Celina!

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