Monday, April 28, 2008

How long is forever?

I had a very busy weekend. All week long I have been going through the boys room throwing stuff away & cleaning. Because Spike had thrown up everywhere last Friday I really wanted to empty out the whole room & wash the walls & shampoo the carpet. It really needed it. It was actually kind of embarrassing how dirty it was in there. When we moved the dressers & the desk there was spider webs of dust all over the walls. Yuck. What kind of Mom am I? Letting my kids sleep in a room that dirty? The Queen of Clean( whoever she is) should be rolling over in her grave.
I was up early on Saturday so I could get everything out & wash walls. I loaded up Smitty's dresser & desk so Queenie could take them to the dumpster. They were falling apart anyway. Now that Smitty was gone we didn't need them. Then Spike & I got the beds out. What a lot of work! I was taking a break upstairs when who walks into the house but Smitty! He's home. To stay.

After a huge hug(the best one yet I have to say) I asked him what he was doing here & he said it was different down there & he didn't like it. I guess in 7 days you can tell if you like living somewhere or not. Who knew. Most people go on vacation longer then that. He had perfect timing. I was boxing up his stuff. After all he went to Oklahoma to live forever. Spike didn't need all his stuff cluttering up his room. AND I had just thrown out his dresser & desk just a few hours ago. I think he was shocked! I would of been.

I am glad that he is back home. Now maybe he will follow my plan of getting an apartment a few blocks away. That I can deal with.

But on the plus side I now know how long forever is. It's 7 days. So if your kid says he's gonna run away forever don't panic, it will only be for 7 days. In that time you can clean his room & get rid of all the stuff you could never figure out why he was keeping. It could turn out to be a good thing!

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Anonymous said...

Our youngest finally moved out when he was 22. Moved back in when he was 23 ... with a pregnant wife and a step daughter for 2 more years.