Tuesday, April 22, 2008

1 down 3 to go

Smitty finally moved out. I had big plans for him. He was going to move out & share an apartment with a friend. This apartment was only gonna be a few blocks from the house so his father & I could pop in often without notice & surprise him. Then in a few years he was gonna get married & buy the house around the corner. Sounds perfect no? Well I neglected to inform him of my plans. He told us he was moving to Oklahoma. WHAT?? That was not in my plans at all. Not for any of my kids. They are all staying close. After all don't they love me? Why would they move to Oklahoma? I'm not there.
This all happened pretty fast. He wasn't getting the hours he needed at his job. A friend from Oklahoma(I'll give him an Indian name...Taker of Son) called to chat & Smitty was telling him how the job was going. Taker of Son told Smitty that his neighbor was the guy who hired people & he would have him call. Well he did & told him to come down & he would have a job. Being 19 Smitty thought what the hell, I'll go. Can't really blame him. Every 18/19 yr old wants to move out. But Oklahoma? He should of talked to me first. Instead he made a executive decision all by himself & decided he would go. Huh?
When he told us I was floored. Again because this was not my plan at all. I asked when this big event was gonna take place. He told us on Tuesday & he said he was leaving on Saturday. What? No way. You are not leaving that soon. Of course I didn't say that out loud.
He quit his job on Thursday & said goodbye in person to both sets of Grands. It was all he had time for. He packed his truck with all of his important things. Clothes, computer & Xbox. Since he will be staying with Taker of Son for a while he didn't need any furniture.
I held it together very well I thought while he packed & did last minute stuff. I slept awful Friday night & was up at 4:45am(yep AM) to say goodbye. He finished loading the truck & came up for that last goodbye hug & I lost it. As I am watching him drive away I am standing on the porch sobbing. That's not really a good look for me either. I went back to bed cried for about an hour & finally slept a little. No one told me it was gonna hurt this much. My first born was just ripped from my loins. It hurt when he was born too, but not like this. He is bigger now so it hurts more. I had a few more meltdowns on Saturday. But didn't have time for too many because I was kept busy because of Spike. He knew that I would be sad so as a parting gift to Smitty he got the flu. Spike sleeps on the top bunk & woke up & had an uh-oh moment.(when you have an uh-oh moment on the top bunk it's already to late) He puked all over his bed & Smitty's head. Personally I think it was a payback for taking the Xbox. I had so much laundry to do I really didn't have lots of time to be sad.
I think I'm gonna be ok. It will take awhile to adjust to only having 3 kids at home. But being "Super Mom" I'll adjust quickly I'm sure. *sob,sob,sob,gut wrenching sob* I'll be fine really. *sniff,sniff, blow, sob, sob*

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