Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Car Lingerie

My new Stealth Mobile came with Lingerie. I've never owned a vehicle that wore Lingerie before. The tank just wouldn't look right in a bra. It would probably look like 10 lbs of potatoes stuffed in a 5 lb sack. Not a good look. But the Stealth Mobile somehow manages to pull it off. This poses a whole bunch of questions for me.
*Where do you buy lingerie for cars?
*Is there a special Fredericks of Hollywood for Cars?
*Can I get a catalog?
*Do I have to change the style for the weather?
*How do I tell what size it is?
*Can it wear White after Labor Day?

This is all to confusing.

Now because the car is sporting a bra I have no idea how to take it through the car wash. Do I have to remove the bra first & then go through the car wash or do all cars shower while wearing their lingerie? I have no idea. None of my friends knew either. Apparently their cars don't wear lingerie. Pookie & I had a discussion about it last night & decided that we should take it off before giving the car a shower. Great plan how do you get it off? I opened the hood & looked at the confusing mess of straps & was just gonna forget the whole thing when Pookie noticed 2 hooks that we could just unhook & take the whole thing off. Easy Peasy.
This morning I decided that while The Princess & I were out we would take the Stealth Mobile through the car wash. I removed the bra in the driveway & she went braless all over town while I did my errands. I felt so naughty!
I have to wash the bra before it goes back on. Again I have more questions.
*How do I wash it?
*In the sink with dish soap?
*In the machine on the delicate cycle?
*Do I have to buy Woolite?
*Can it go into the dryer or will it shrink?

There is way too much thinkin' involved in this. I don't think this much when I take a shower & wash my clothes. I get up, shower & put on something clean. If nothing is clean I put on something that still looks pretty good & doesn't have a real bad smell to it. Oh & I add extra deodorant too. Can't hurt right?

Enjoy the weather everyone. It's finally starting to get nice here. Might have to go braless myself. Nope, forget that. My boobs are no longer "perky". Without a bra to keep them in check they turn into an Ostrich. They try to bury themselves in the ground. That's not a good look for me. Guess I'll have to squash my dream of being a Pole Dancer in Vegas. Long floppy boobs are not the "in" thing.


musing said...

LOL. All the vehicles I've owned have always gone braless, so I'm no help.

But, I would love to quote you on my blog. Would you email me about it?

Also, found you thru BusyDad. :)

Gregg said...
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bala murugan said...

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